The Pesach Date



I had been dating Charles for about three weeks. Then a Saturday night during Pesach crossed our path and we found ourselves at a secular steakhouse, which would be quite normal had it not been Passover.

Little did I know how telling this date would be.

Pesach, I discovered sorts out where you fall on the religious observance scale, if at all.

Let me make this clear. I am not religious and Pesach for me is a take it or leave it tradition, so I did not feel at all uncomfortable in the restaurant.

So, while I was happily glancing through the menu, Charles piped in,” You can have anything as long as it doesn’t have bread in it.”  I was surprised that he was telling me what I could have, and ‘guiding’ me towards an acceptable Pesach choice, by stating the obvious.

“Okay”, I said, not paying too much attention.

When the waitress arrived, I ordered a salad and he, without a thought, ordered a steak with a cheddar melt on top.

I was quick to point out that this was blatantly against the laws of kashrut and that mixing milk and meat was a big no-no.

He responded without hesitation that having bread on Pesach was a cardinal sin but having milk and meat was not, as it was something he did normally.

We both held our views and argued them in the restaurant and by the time the food arrived, I no longer had an appetite, but I did have an intense desire to lob a bread roll in his direction.

I find that during Pesach, some people on the scale of religious observance, are just like Charles, taking certain things to extreme, some to the extent of kosher toothpaste, while being hypocritical in other choices.  Basic tradition is thrown out with the bath water, while artificial dictates are revered.

The date provided an excellent opportunity to see through Charles and his hypocrisy and it was as good an excuse as any to exit the new relationship. The Pesach date proved we were just not a match made in Egypt, or anywhere else on the globe.

Chag Sameach

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