Giving new meaning to the blind date


As a woman with much, much experience in the blind dating arena, believe me there were times I wished I was blind, times I wished I was deaf, and times where I contemplated faking dumb.

But today let’s just focus on blind.

Imagine if blind dates were really blind. I mean blind in the literal sense. Imagine you meet someone and your visual ability is eliminated from the exchange. He is also blind so all visual perception is removed from the equation.

You have to rely on all your other senses to assess how much  you like the other person. You do not have the luxury of condemning him for missing teeth, critically untamed nose hair, bad haircut, or teenage acne that he should have outgrown by now.

You won’t be able to see how tall he is, short he is, fat he is or how posturally crooked he is.

All you will have to go on is voice and manner. From this you can ascertain intelligence and attitude. Is he kind, witty, charming and gentle? Or is he coarse, blunt, tongue-tied and humourless?

It is these qualities that are more telling, and in the long term, far more important and valuable for a sustaining relationship.

If only we weren’t so superficial in our initial choices, relationships might just last that much longer.

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