Top 10 online dating tips

Knight in dazzling armour



Online dating allows individuals to develop a social, romantic or sexual relationship by sharing information on a digital platform. Any link to the Internet will be able to facilitate your signing on to a dating service. Once you’re logged in there are a few things to watch out for.


Here are 10 tips to help in you rise above the challenges of online dating:


  1. Create an introduction of yourself aiming to appeal to the opposite sex. Be careful to state only what is essential and do not reveal too much at this stage. You don’t want over exposure.
  2. Avoid using too many adjectives in your profile. Keep descriptions basic and simple. Remember you are as much a stranger to others as they are to you.

  1. List your interests and include specific details. If you name a hobby, for example, learning to speak French, list specific details such as your progress and level and the club you have joined. This may help to localise you.
  1. Create a unique identity. The online dating system is full of generic profiles that fail to differentiate individuals. Avoid the carbon copy route and try to show your individuality. This is an effective way to get noticed.
  1. Leave out the clichés. Don’t ask for ‘My knight in shining armour’. This is just corny and an expectation no one can live up to. But try to be as original and sincere as you can.
  1. Self-confidence is fine, but don’t oversell. Once again, you are setting up expectations, this time of yourself, and you may fall short. If you’re good looking it will show in your photo, and your other talents will show as your communication develops. If you claim intelligence, then be sure that your grammar is impeccable.
  1. Dump the negativity from the get go. Yes, you may be lonely but if you convey feelings of desperation and frustration or depression it will be a turn off. Prospective dates will not read a profile flooded with negative emotions.  Online dating is meant to be fun, not depressing.
  1. Have your requirements but avoid laying them out as your key drivers. If you’ve already said non-smoker, not overweight, stays off alcohol in your match selection criteria – it’s not necessary to mention these again in your introduction.
  1. Spell-check is your friend. Use whatever spelling program is available to run through your text. You can do this by writing your profile in a word document, spell-checking it, then cutting and pasting the text into the profile area of the dating website.
  1. Tell the truth as much as possible. But be careful not to reveal information that could harm you in any way. Tell people about your work, basic family and key interests. But, for your safety avoid letting on to how much money you make, or how many businesses you own. This kind of information could be used to harm or defraud you.



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