That awful awkward silence


You’ve finally summoned up the courage to go on that date you agreed to two weeks ago. Minutes before he arrives at the door, your heart drops to your stomach as you think ‘What will we talk about?’.

If the first few minutes do not overflow with conversation, you could be in a bit of trouble.

To ease your way out of this, you could do a Google search on your date and arm yourself with a list of questions to ask. Or you could go with the blind approach and work off a blank slate knowing nothing more about the person than your conversations have allowed.

You arrive at the restaurant and after your drinks arrive, there’s an awkward silence and you’ve already taken in the décor detail once.

Throw out something topical. Like Donald Trump, for example. Everybody has a view on Trump so it’s bound to stir some response.

Talk about TV programmes you like, or ask if they have seen any good movies lately – and in that same vein – favourite actor or actress, music preferences, last live concert attended, who they would pay money to see?

Find out more about their career history, how they landed the job, and ask what work they would do for no pay?

Ask about their travel aspirations – are they local or more international and what country would they most like to visit?

This should give you some food for thought. Most importantly, be yourself, talk about your own interests to get the ball rolling.  And if all else fails, talk about the décor.

The key is to be naturally curious. You don’t want to spring the Spanish Inquisition on them, but if you have a good feeling about the person, there’s no harm in a bit of chipping away at the wall to get out of that awkward silence.

But if he’s not a talker, you’ll soon know what you are dealing with. With any luck, he’s so worried about his own insecurities, your questions are a welcome distraction and help ease the discomfort for both of you.


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