A ten point dating strategy


Welcome to dating. The other day I said to a colleague, “I’d rather throw myself under a bus than start dating again.” Okay that is a bit dramatic and now that I am married it’s easy to bad-mouth the perils of dating.

But there are ways to get the most out of it.  Follow these 10 tips for a successful dating strategy and forget what I said at the outset.

You know, being single can be a tough and lonely especially as you hit the 40 years old mark. Tough as it is, if you want to meet people it’s just got to be done. When you get comfortable with that idea, it’s time to start.

In all honesty,  there is no magic formula or personality potions and no cunning ways of trapping Mr Right. But there are some valid facts that you should take into consideration along the way. (I especially like number 7.)

1. Make sure you are really ready to enter the dating game. Have some idea about what it is you are hoping to achieve. Also be prepared for some disappointments along the way, however don’t let this affect the bigger picture.

2. Get your image right, don’t go over the top, you still want to look like yourself. Don’t try too hard either, but remember people do appreciate other peoples’ appearances.

3. Think about your dating goals and timescales. Be honest with yourself.  If you see yourself married in two years, then approach dating accordingly. If you are not that serious in your dating strategy, then be honest with those you may date.

4. Be confident. Do all those little things that will boost your confidence levels. Don’t talk about adult matters or sex toys on your first date. The other person will respect you more in the long run if you dont bring up this ‘touchy’ issue.

5. Don’t aim too low but do aim realistically. Be prepared and realistic about your chances. Dating is not just based on your personality but on the whole package you present to others.

6. Think about where you are going to meet new people. Join drama groups or a gym, sports clubs, visit art galleries,  anything where you are likely to meet potential partners and the kind of people you are looking to meet.

7. If it’s not going well, then don’t be afraid to take time out from dating. Take stock and maybe re-evaluate. Keep your optimism high and try again.

8. Remember you’re not going to necessarily meet your soulmate on your first date. So enjoy dating for what it is, meeting new people and even making new friends as you go.

9. Never make yourself too available. People still like the thrill of the chase when dating. The longer someone is made to chase you and fall for you, the more likely it is that love is going to blossom.

10. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. It will add a new dimension to your life. Dating will let you meet a variety of people who you wouldn’t necessarily thought you’d get along with, or have anything in common with.

Whether or not anything more develops from dating, think of it as another of those necessary life experiences.

Adjusted with permission from: http://plrplr.com/12204/successful-dating-strategies-how-to-date-and-how-not-to-date/



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