Top three Jewish dating websites


Dating is not immune to the Internet -of -Things. In fact, the opposite is true. Online dating is increasingly popular as a platform for meeting your significant other, if not the platform of choice, particularly for those who consider themselves internet savvy.

Recognising this gainful niche market, hundreds of websites launched to address this partner-hungry market, and as with anything, there are good ones, sites that are okay and others to be avoided all together.

In this article, we deal with three of the best and summarise what you can expect.

JDate ($39.99/month, $22.99/month for six months)

At almost $40 for one month on this site’s basic plan, JDate is one of the most expensive dating services for Jewish singles in the online market. However, that does not diminish its popularity.

Like many other dating sites, JDate asks you for your name and location when registering, but also asks questions about your smoking preferences, physical characteristics, profession and “Jewish-ness.”

The site is no oil painting, let’s be honest, but it’s highly functional and that’s what really counts. It’s user friendly and has the largest selection of matches out of the websites we reviewed. Personally, I recommend it. After signing up I had some very busy dating weeks and met loads of people. ($36.99/month, $17.99/month for six months)

Although not exclusively Jewish, your profile on Match will include answers to questions about living preferences and physical and personal qualities, favourite hang outs and preference over dogs or cats. The most telling piece of information is the deal breaker and although we tested Jewish only as the deal breaker, many of our suggested dates were not Jewish. Odd.

However, if the Jewishness is not that important to you. Match is a vibrant site, that will keep you busy, at least in terms of available options.

SuperTova (Free)

For those who have budgetary concerns SuperTova is worth exploring. SuperTova asks questions about your interests, political views and astrological sign. It’s not the most robust in terms of functionality.

We found regular freezing a bit annoying, but if you’re just starting out to see what’s out there it’s quite a good option. Also, remember that paid sites, tend to eliminate the riff-raff.

You don’t have to be gold digger to appreciate that finding someone with a stable income is a big win.


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