Drinks provided, bring your own food  


A bring and braai is one of the best social concepts of the modern era. Why can’t I apply it to my wedding? This would accommodate all tastes, from kosher to lactose-, wheat- and gluten-intolerant, halal and vegan, all of whom are among the invited guests.

Unfortunately kosher has to set the tone because of one small detail – the ceremony is taking place at a shul. A shul that requires the strictest adherence to ‘kosher’ as laid down by the Beth Din. This pain-in-the-a..e organisation – the same one that wanted us to dig up original birth certificates to prove our heritage – has literally brought us to our knees. And it is our caterer who has to do the begging and pleading.

With the countdown having reached the official 30 days yesterday, this has been the most stressful week. We nearly had the rug pulled out from under us with the caterer reporting that the shul would not allow her to provide the food for our function.

wedding braai

Because she does not prepare food on the premises she found a loophole to avoid paying the Beth Din its exorbitant fee to send an inspector to place his fat-fingered stamp of approval on the condition of the kitchen.

She had been able to get away with this logic for years but not for our wedding? Where is the Man upstairs when it comes to emergencies? You would think He would have blessed our union ahead of time so that we could actually arrive intact at our traditional Jewish wedding without too much fuss.

Panicked thoughts had us cancelling the caterer, reshuffling the shul and in the worst case scenario, converting to Christianity.  We could have a lovely garden party, lay on the drinks and ask each guest to bring a plate of snacks. Why not?

Saying ‘I do’ to that life changing experience

Saying ‘I do’ to that life changing experience



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