Wedding guest list: Your company is requested, or not


So much for the invitations being printed last week.  When I finally chose a colour it turned out to be impossible to match (forget envelopes to go) and for want of no better cliché available, it’s back to the drawing board we go.


Assuming the invitations were printed the next dilemma is who to invite and the method of delivery.


For simplicity sake, I have divided people into three categories – life-long friends (Friends) Family and Fly-by-nighters, collectively known as FFF.

Family is easy – this includes immediate members and varieties extended through marriage, and first cousins. This is on the obligatory section of the list and is not necessarily based on quality of the relationship.

Friends comprise a small section of the list (my list) and have proven their worthiness over time if not ‘life’.

But it’s the Fly-by-nighters who are the most difficult to include or exclude as the case may me and constantly have me in turmoil.  These are the people I work with (many of whom last no longer than a month in the organisation so are indeed F-B-N,) and some who I have grown fond of in a relatively short space of time. Then there are others who are thought to be strategically valuable. But my dilemma is that I don’t feel right inviting some and not others. So it seems best to invite no-one.

Tricky though – and I may live to regret it.  What’s more, delivery would be a piece of cake. Tradition has it that wedding invitations are hand-delivered but with the vastness of Johannesburg, and the current petrol crisis this is not going to happen. Those close to our respective homes will be lucky to receive personal delivery, and for those further flung we will just have to risk postal services.

The wedding invitation











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