The wedding invitation

It was an opportunity to rejoice the technology of the 21st century. I was thrilled at the prospect of sending our wedding invitations via email. This would level the playing fields for those near and those far as all recipients would receive an informative electronic invite. Efficient, I thought, and cost effective too.

 But it was not to be. When Mother of the Bride heard about this she put her foot down. 21st century-hubby-to-be who literally could not wait for the release of the next iphone, was surprisingly emphatic about it too. “We’ve got to have hard copy invitations,” he said. Am I the only one remembering the budget here?

21423096-wedding-invitation-card-template-with-cute-groom-and-bride-cartoon-sitting-on-a-moonI was determined to find a low cost printer who would do the job at a reasonable price. When he quoted design and printing plus envelope for just R350 ($23) I was ready to give the go ahead.  I chose the colour of the board – a turquoise – which the printer said did not come with matching envelopes but that I would likely find them at a stationery shop.



After trawling Joburg’s high streets, shopping centres and boulevards in search of matching envelopes for half a day without success, I had to rethink my plan.  I stumbled on silver envelopes and decided they would just have to do. That they cost almost as much as the entire print job is another matter.

Then the question of the text. Do we go with ‘We request the pleasure of your company or the honour of your company? Are you joining us for our wedding ceremony or to celebrate our marriage?’ Does the day come first or the time?

I finally mustered together something simple, but to tell you the truth, the guest list is so small nobody really needs an invitation.


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