Over budget wedding photographer dealt with


With the stress of the past two months culminating in some important decision making, it seemed fitting to take a break – a little laissez faire if you will.

This was only possible after recovering from the shock of the photographer’s quote which would put us over budget by R3000 ($200). And once we start saying okay to R3000 more than we bargained for here, there and everywhere, we will have to apply for a new bond just to pay for the basics. Our low-key wedding is still going to cost a bomb – and with guests arriving from the nether-reaches of Australia and the UK – we have to make it worth their while.

So the easiest way to handle the quote was to just ignore it for a week and fantasise that the beautiful album he showed us could be bargained down to something affordable.

photo albumn

Having decided on the caterer, we neglected to tell her she has got the job, and although we agreed to the rabbi’s exorbitant cost, he was not available for a meeting. Apart from the groom, he’s the key to the whole thing – you might have guessed – so we really need to get direction from him.Menu and venue clashes for bride to be

The official registration of our marriage is with the Powers that Be (Beth Din) and my dress lies in the care of elderly Pam, who I hope is a wonderful dress-maker. No pattern has been drawn, no satin or lace has been bought, but I have no fear.

We still must find budget for invitations (email has been tabooed by the mother and other die-hard traditionalists) and flowers (at least one bridal bouquet is a non-negotiable), and I’m absolutely not stressing!


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